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March 10, 2010


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I so resonate with the PROTECTION of children's rhythm of sleep, rest, play and routine. It keeps their nervous systems (and mama's) running stronger. I always notice that my families constitutions are more delicate at this time of the year. The kids are waking earlier with the sun again and looking forward to longer days. Until, real warmer dry weather rolls around and we can consider the outside world our real home, I will strive to keep good balance in our routines too. Hey, we ate the same stuff this week. LOve to you


I love how the changing seasons and the foods that are available to us make so much sense with what is going on in our lives and our bodies. It's totally obvious, being that we are natural creatures, but joyful to discover. I love how if you eat by the seasons, you often crave the characteristics of exactly what is ready for picking. It all works together in such a poetic way. I appreciate how the Chinese view point keeps that poetry intact.
Lovely stumbling onto your blog. :-)

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