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October 25, 2010


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and thank you so much for sharing! i'm thinking that we MUST make some salted caramels. plus, the image of miel with the moon is breathtaking.

Mary-Jane O'Connor

Enjoyed this post Rachel. You inspire me to make salted caramels and get more involved. I too, am missing my "old" community and looking to find a comfortable place in my new. Fall in Boulder is gloriously beautiful. Every shade of yellow, orange and red. Windy today and the leaves are blowing away...

Rachel Farber

Thanks, MJ. Yes, finding new community is a challenge...just go on out there and be your awesome self! I look forward to hearing what this new move brings for you. We September girls love a good autumn, dont we? We havent had ours yet, but were headed to a cabin near Mt. Fuji tomorrow for a few days where Im hoping well get a taste of autumn. xox

Rachel Farber

Enjoy the caramels, Jessie, but do know that when I made them last solstice, it started off a few pounds of winter weight gain that Im not sure Ive recovered from! Yes...Im still such a beginner at photography...Ive joined a photo club in hopes of improving. My camera wouldnt let me take a picture in that light, even on all the manual settings....and then finally it clicked and I took it. So much to learn!

Robyn Smith

Sounds like a sweet family life you're enjoying! Miel keeps getting cuter! Glad you're finding some yoga. There must be a ton of classes, no? may we all remember to always have beginners' mind as our highest practice.
Come to the Hawaii Retreat! Oh, that would be such a gift to share it with you guys!!

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